About Us



Founded by mother and daughter duo, Monica Maldonado and Naya Taylor, Rooted Royalty is a brand dedicated to encouraging self-love through natural recipes designed for kinky textured hair. Each product is made with you in mind. We aim to not only create non-toxic products but ones that provide desired results every time. 



Rooted Royalty Founder and CEO, Dr. Monica Maldonado, has spent her life dedicated to women's health and wellness. She took this passion and integrated it with her desire to empower women and men w/ kinky textured hair. She began her natural hair journey over 10 years ago, and it left her with an understanding of all the unlearning and deprogramming we have to do to truly embrace and celebrate type 4 hair, which tends to not be showcased in the media. In short, her focus is on developing natural, non-toxic products that provide our customers with amazing results and confidence.




Co-founder and CMO, Naya Taylor, was inspired by her mother to begin her natural hair journey three years ago. Her mom's at-home concoctions and protective styles has helped her grow out the tresses she once believed did not meet the criteria of "good hair". As CMO, she is committed to celebrating the beauty and versatility of type 4 textures.