6 Ways to Keep Extremely Dry Type 4 Natural Hair Hydrated 2022

6 Ways to Keep Extremely Dry Type 4 Natural Hair Hydrated 2022

Posted by Naya Somanya Taylor on Mar 11th 2022

Whether you're new to being natural or just starting your journey, you’ve made it to this post because you’re looking for ways to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. Type 4 hair, in all its glory, is still very fragile. Without proper care and routine, it can be prone to dryness and breakage. In this post, we’ll be covering six easy ways to retain moisture in your tresses.

Let’s get into it…

#1 Figure Out Which Ingredients Work For You

What works well for others may not work for you, so one key to healthy, hydrated hair is knowing which ingredients your strands thrive on. Here are six natural ingredients known to work well on extremely dry natural hair.

Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is an ingredient known to promote moisture retention in hair. One chemical ingredient within the safflower oil is palmitic acid, which softens hair without leaving a sticky residue. Since, as aforementioned, type 4 hair is prone to dryness and breakage, daily moisturizing is a must. With that said, safflower oil is an ingredient that can be used regularly without having a heavy amount of build up. One to two drops per section will get the job done.

Coconut Oil

If you’ve been in the natural hair game for some time, you know that using coconut oil as a part of your moisturizing method has many benefits. Most oils remain on the surface of the hair, but coconut oil contains lauric acid, an ingredient with various beneficial properties that actually penetrate the strands.

Almond Oil

Known for being rich in fatty acids that revive dry and dull hair, almond oil is a luscious hydrator that can be combined with other moisturizing ingredients. Almond oil works especially well for over processed, damaged strands. This lightweight oil is also a nice alternative to some of the heavier oils like coconut oil.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is an ideal moisture sealant for type 4 hair; and it’s non-greasy characteristics make it easy to use a few times a week. Plus, shea butter is packed with vitamin A, E, and other fatty acids that help to moisturize the hair.

Olive Oil

Perfect for thick, kinky-coily hair. Olive oil adds softness and retains moisture within the strands by penetrating the hair shaft. This oil contains emollients that have softening qualities that leave the hair hydrated and shiny. Try hair butters, shampoos, and conditioners with olive oil to combat dryness.


Glycerin draws in moisture from the environment to keep the hair moist. One way to use glycerin is as spray formulated with distilled water, essential oils, and rosewater.

On the flipside, if the environment is cold and dry, the glycerin could dehydrate the hair as a result of it pulling in moisture from the air. Keep in mind that natural hair has to be moisturized and cared for differently depending on the season or environment.

Here are a few products that contain all of these ingredients:

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FroGlaze Moisture Cream

#2 Alter Your LOC Method According to The Season

Sticking to a daily moisturizing regimen can make or literally break your hair. Type 4 hair is delicate and naturally dryer than other hair types, so it needs a routine that will protect it from the environment and help it flourish. Here are some factors you should consider based on the environment.

Moisturizing Hair in The Winter Vs The Summer

The trick to moisturizing your natural hair in the winter is to load up on water based products like a leave-in conditioner. Water based products help to seal in the moisture provided by the other products in your LOC method such as creams, butters, and oils. Also, you’ll want to apply your products at night before bed, so the products have a chance to dry and seal. Otherwise, you risk exposing your strands to cold air, which can lead to breakage.

Now, moisturizing in the summer is a bit more laxed. You can apply your products at any point in the day because warm air doesn’t dry out the hair.

L.O.C Method [Liquid, Oil, Cream]

Your daily moisture method should consist of these three elements: liquid, oil, and cream or butter. This combination allows the strands to absorb and retain the moisture.

Liquid based products you can use are mists, sprays or leave-in conditioners.

As far as oils, there are many natural options you can add to your regimen, but the best thing to do would be to buy an oil product with a combination of many rich oils that offer varying benefits.

Creams and/or butters are the key to hydrating and setting natural hair in protective styles like two-strand twists or braids. Try using a butter or cream that provides long-lasting moisture like our Crown Polish Moisturizing Hair Butter. The safflower oleosomes in this butter continue to deliver moisture to the strands even days after initial application.

Setting Your Hair Night

For many of us, setting your hair every single night can feel tedious and tiring. But, we want to encourage you to take a moment the next time you think about falling asleep without protecting your hair, and consider the breakage and dryness that is sure to come if you don’t set the hair before sleeping. After moisturizing, you should set your hair in twists or braids, but these styles do not need to be your best work. Make your life easy; keep your twists or braids quick and chunky.

Daily Moisturizing Guide

#3 Pack in Moisture Before Wearing Protective Styles

Depending on the style you choose and how fast your hair grows, protective styles can last anywhere between two weeks and two months. If you plan on wearing your style for an extended period of time, be sure to apply a generous amount of moisture to your hair before braiding or twisting.

#4 Add Water to Your Method

Aside from using water based products, there are plenty of other interesting ways to incorporate water into your daily moisturizing method. For extremely dry natural hair, try to incorporate water into your regimen with one of the following methods.

  • Give your whole head a light mist before applying your products to dampen the hair
  • Lather your hair in your favorite oil product then expose the hair to steam for 15 minutes
  • Put a light coat of water on your palms before scooping and applying creams or butters to your hair

#5 Use Non-Stripping Shampoos

Stay away from products that have stripping ingredients such as Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol Alcohol, and other alcohols with similar characteristics. These alcohols are known for stripping the scalp and hair of oils, which makes the hair brittle and dehydrated. The point is to cleanse; not strip.

#6 Never Skip The Routine

Above all, you want a regimen that works perfect for you that you can stick to, and provides your hair with lasting moisture. We all get lazy with our hair care routines sometimes, but the fact of the matter is, your kinks are delicate and need to be moisturized on a consistent basis. This FREE Custom Daily Moisturizing Guide will keep you on a track for healthier, hydrated hair. It includes…

  • Pro-tips for picking products
  • Lists of chemicals to avoid 
  • Protective styles
  • Treatment options 


All hair routines are not created equal, however, one thing remains consistent. Moisturizing is a must. For extremely dry natural type 4 hair, retaining moisture requires a daily regimen with a combination of TLC and LOC. Use these tips and methods to create a unique process that will help your kinky coily crown flourish.

Daily Moisturizing Guide